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10 Ingredients To Avoid In A Beauty Product

Every beauty product has a list of ingredients that one should be wary of. It is important to learn the proper order in which to use beauty products and how often you’re applying them. Additionally, beauty products have been linked with many very severe diseases ranging from Alzheimer’s disease to cancer.

For those who still want beauty products and the benefits they provide but don’t want to risk their health, there are simple solutions: read your labels! Here is a shortlist of some ingredients to avoid when reading labels.

Beauty products can contain dimethicone or any other type of silicone.

These stop moisture from entering the skin (and therefore help it stay moisturized for as long as possible). However, if not washed off completely, this prevents your skin from breathing, which can lead to several problems, including acne.


Parabens are another active ingredient in beauty products that not only prevent mould but also prevent bacteria from reproducing and producing toxins. These have been proven to be carcinogenic in breast cancer cells and have been linked with early puberty in girls perhaps through mimicry of the female sex hormones.


Products such as mineral oil or petrolatum clog pores and cause premature aging symptoms to appear much more quickly than they might have otherwise. Studies have even shown that when applied to mice for just six days, these beauty products led to tumours developing.

Sodium lauryl sulphate

It is another ingredient used in beauty products to help regulate viscosity and foaming. However, it is also a known skin irritant.

Retinyl palmitate

It is a combination of retinol or vitamin A and palmitic acid that helps regulate cell production and cellular differentiation. Studies have shown that the presence of this beauty product may induce cancer cells to proliferate rapidly. Retinyl palmitate is often found in beauty products with SPF as well as sunscreens, which should be used daily at the first sign of exposure to prevent further damage from occurring to the skin.


It slows melanin production but can cause side effects such as itching, burning, blistering, cracking and scaling if not properly diluted. When applied improperly or too frequently, beauty products containing this ingredient do more damage than good.

Mineral oil

It is another beauty product that has been linked to cancer in numerous studies; it is also another beauty product that blocks oxygen from entering the skin, leading to premature aging symptoms.


These are beauty products that act as preservatives and help beauty items remain stable (usually by preventing fungus growth). They have furthermore been shown to contribute to fertility problems in both men and women, which may lead to birth defects.


These are beauty products that include ingredients such as isopropyl alcohol, ethyl acetate, diacetone alcohol and triethanolamine. These beauty items are carcinogenic both in animals and humans alike due to their metabolic properties.


It is a beauty product that helps beauty items absorb other ingredients (like sunscreen) better. However, it also reduces the amount of oxygen entering the skin; studies have shown that it can act as an endocrine disruptor in humans.

Parfum or added fragrance

It is a beauty item used to mask the smell of beauty items but often contains phthalates among other carcinogenic ingredients. These beauty products are often associated with causing allergic reactions and asthma acting on inflammatory cells.

Synthetic colours

beauty products that enhance the look of beauty items but may cause severe allergies in some people. The main source for these artificial colours comes from petroleum products, which carry many health risks similar to what was previously discussed above.

Be aware of beauty products! Know their costs–the risks involved with using beauty products may outweigh the benefits you gain from them if they contain too many dangerous.

The best way to ensure your beauty products don’t contain these or other hazardous ingredients is by reading labels thoroughly before purchasing them. If you follow simple precautions, beauty products can still be used safely while enjoying their benefits! For a safe and effective beauty product, try volcanic ash face mask.

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