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Mistakes To Avoid When Using Resistance Bands

Numerous exercisers have as of now found the sorcery of resistance bands. In addition to the fact that they are more convenient — and moderate — than a bunch of free weights, they’re additionally a profoundly viable exercise device that can focus on each significant muscle bunch. 

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“One of the novel benefits of resistance bands is that the resistance increments as the band extends, making for a difficult exercise through the whole scope of movement of an activity,” April Whitney, NASM-guaranteed fitness coach and maker of Petite PWR tells This assists you with enlisting more muscle, including more modest stabilizer muscles and your centre, she says. 

There’s only one catch: You need to utilize resistance bands the correct way. Numerous exercisers come up short, making their solidarity meetings less successful or, far more atrocious, a physical issue in the works. To capitalize on your resistance bands— and keep away from possible catastrophe — lookout for these normal slip-ups. 

  1. Utilizing a Band That’s Too Heavy 

Actually like attempting to twist, press or squat with an excessively weighty hand weight, utilizing a band with a lot of resistance makes it difficult to do an activity with great structure. 

“Your body will overcompensate by utilizing other muscle bunches that aren’t intended to be utilized for the activity,” Whitney says. In addition to the fact that this defeats the motivation behind doing the activity in any case, it likewise expands your odds of injury. 

“You can likely likewise not complete the full scope of movement for the given exercise, making your exercise less successful,” Whitney says. 

  1. Utilizing a Band That’s Too Light 

On the opposite finish of the range, doing an activity with resistance bands that is excessively light for you isn’t risky, however, it is somewhat superfluous, Morit Summers, CPT, organizer of Form Fitness in Brooklyn, New York, tells 

“The greatest drawback is that you’re not adding any protection from your exercise,” she says. 

  1. Circling the Band Around Sharp Objects 

While helpful, circling a band around a shaft or piece of weighty furniture makes more rubbing, making the latex erode after some time, Whitney says. What’s more, circling the band around an item with sharp or harsh edges — the most hazardous thing you can do with resistance bands, Summers says — will just accelerate the mileage, driving the band to snap separated when you wouldn’t dare to hope anymore. 

  1. Not Fully Securing the Band 

Quite possibly the most widely recognized resistance band botches is additionally perhaps the most hazardous: Not tying down the band or connection to a solid, durable item. 

“The issue with this is that there’s a more noteworthy probability that it will come free and smack you in the face, and that doesn’t feel better,” Perkins says. 

  1. Inappropriate Band Placement 

Weight machines remove the mystery from legitimate exercise structure, as they make them move the load through a foreordained way of movement. With resistance bands, however, you’re in charge of that way, which can without much of a stretch get lost course if you place the band in some unacceptable spot. 

At times, this misstep just makes the activity less successful — like attempting to work your biceps with the band secured before you, instead of beneath you. On different occasions, having the band in some unacceptable spot can make the activity feel awkward, as when the band crawls up to your neck during chest flyes.

  1. Never Replacing Your Bands 

Without a doubt, resistance bands can keep going quite a while when you take great consideration of them, yet they do ultimately wear out. At the point when this occurs, the groups can become overstretched, frayed or even torn, which expands the possibilities they’ll snap on you mid-rep.

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