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A Look at Common Snake Catchers

A snake catcher is an individual who works in a variety of capacities to capture and remove snakes from people or other things. Despite the presence of professional snake catchers, there have also been many self-employed snake catchers or wranglers throughout the years. While it appears that snake catching jobs require a great deal of skill and expertise, a basic knowledge of the game and a set of dexterous hands is usually enough to get hired. There are several types of game that are typically targeted by snake catcher, including snakes, alligators, caiman, fish, rodents and frogs. The most common targets are raccoons and pigs, but sometimes birds, hares and even mice are caught and sent to the poorhouses (a common practice during the construction of residential homes).

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Many people who have been bitten by venomous snakes do not report their bites immediately to animal control authorities, thinking that it will take days or weeks to heal and that the animal might simply grow out of the bite and live on. Even when an animal control officer becomes aware of a possible snakebite, often it is too late to save the animal – often, after the bitten person has moved on, the snake gets trapped and left to die. In these cases, the animal control officer may advise the bitten person to go to the hospital, or call for an ambulance to take him to the nearest clinic. In more extreme cases, where the person has suffered internal wounds and severe nerve damage, it may be necessary to perform surgery in the emergency room of a local hospital.

Wildlife specialists use a variety of methods to capture dangerous or poisonous reptiles, including poison, traps, and dart guns. Although the vast majority of snakes are harmless, there are some notable exceptions. Among them is the cobra, whose sting can be dangerous and deadly in a moment when the venom is injected into the skin. And although most people are aware of the general characteristics of most common snake species, knowing which ones are poisonous and can harm humans is a bit more complicated.

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