Gay eBooks Recreation A Updated Work Group For the Diagnostic Criteria of Transvestic Disorder

A Updated Work Group For the Diagnostic Criteria of Transvestic Disorder

According to the new diagnostic rubric, a new clinical term and overall diagnostic checklist are presented. The new diagnosis is Transvestic Disorder defined by two criteria: (a) persistent, severe, recurrent, intense, reoccurring, intense sexually arousing fantasizing, urges or activities involving dressing in the gender opposite to the one with whom the patient is identified, and (b) such behaviors or feelings are…the result of an underlying emotional distress or inability to conform to societal expectations about gender roles…The new name, Transvestic Disorder was chosen to emphasize the connection between a patient’s tendency to dress in the clothes of the opposite sex and his or her misery at having to live a life as a “reject.” As stated by the American Psychological Association, those who dress in the clothing of the other sex are diagnosed with Transvestic Disorder. Click here

How To Turn A Updated Work Group For The Diagnostic Criteria Of Transvestic Disorder Into Success

The second diagnostic criterion of the revised checklist for Transvestic Disorder is the second level of severity, which is called “noticeable,” that is, the patient’s symptoms might be classified as a severe medical condition. In order to meet the second level of severity of Transvestic Disorder a patient must have an impairment that significantly limits one or more of life functions. For example, a female who dresses like a man in order to feel like a woman would have an impairment in the functioning of the penis, bladder, and bowel known as penile distress. A male who dresses like a woman would also have an impairment in the functioning of his anus, his genitals, and his ability to pass urine… Thus, in order to meet the standard definition of Transvestic Disorder a person must have three or more of the limitations described above.

In addition to the APA’s new diagnostic checklist for Transvestic Disorder a patient must be evaluated by a psychiatrist experienced in working with those who suffer from Transvestic Disorder. This requires a minimum of three mental health evaluations to evaluate the severity of the disorder in an individual patient and to establish the cause of the impairment in addition to the fact that there are mental health limitations. While the new psychiatric Association work group has provided a more definitive diagnostic criterion it is important to remember that even if a patient meets the criteria for the disorder he or she still may not meet the requirement of a full blown diagnosis of Transvestic Disorder. That is because the impairment may be caused by another condition. Thus, in order to be completely cured of Transvestic Disorder the patient must undergo a complete mental health evaluation that includes a psychiatric treatment program including psychotherapy, medications, and behavioral modification.

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