Antioxidant Resveratrol Pills and Green Tea Extract May Reduce Your Risk of Developing Colon Cancer

green tea extract

Green tea extract is made out of several different types of Chinese tea plants. The most famous one in the world is called Wu Yi (Oriental tea), and it comes from Wuyi Mountains of Anhui Province. It has been known to people for centuries already, and until now the benefits of this powerful tea are still being discovered. Some of the common health benefits of green tea are anti-diabetic effects, blood purifying effects, anti-oxidant effects, and has been known to prevent heart diseases. All these benefits of this tea make it very popular nowadays.

Cancer prevention has been another long-time use of green tea extract. Some studies have shown that it significantly reduces the chances of colon cancer, esophageal cancer, stomach cancer and breast cancer. There are different products out there in the market that claim to have the same effects as described above. So, is it safe to use green tea extracts pills? Yes, it may be a good choice to reduce your cancer risk, especially if you combine it with a healthy diet, regular exercise and good emotional health.

Oxidative stress can increase the risk of developing all kinds of cancers, including cancers that develop as a result of lifestyle like smoking, alcohol abuse, and the intake of antibiotics. Some studies showed that the combination of antioxidant capacity with probiotics was highly effective in fighting lifestyle related cancers. People who are at high risk for developing different types of cancer should consider using antioxidant supplementation. So, next time you drink a cup of this delicious tea to relieve stress, think again!

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