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Benefits Of Serviced Apartments

Serviced Apartments

Why You Should Stay In A Serviced Apartment?

As the first high-end apartment company in Hertfordshire, we are passionate about providing a safe base for our guests and proclaiming the virtue of serviced apartments. Not everyone knows what a serviced home really is and the benefits versus staying in a hotel. Also, check my blog and know why serviced apartments are the trends of modern times.

What Is A Serviced Home?

To begin at the start, a serviced house is a self-contained home in a structure, which has a separate bedroom, sitting room/lounge, completely geared up kitchen area, your own private keys to your own door. Serviced apartments or condos can be in the form of a studio flat (all in one room with a kitchen space), or have one or two bedrooms. 

All apartments enjoy housekeeping service, energies consisted of and a visitor services team to assist. Guests only spend for their accommodation and can live in a flat with whatever they would have in their own home.

There Are Lots Of Advantages For Staying In Serviced Homes:


Remaining in a serviced house provides you with the room to work, cook, sleep and unwind and on average you can expect to delight in 30% more space than a comparable requirement of a hotel. A normal one bedroom service apartment or condo is around two times the size of the typical hotel room.

Worth & Minimize Longer Remains

Serviced home rates are typically 20% less than hotel rates of the very same standard. There are no surprise additionals (mini-bars, space service and so on) to be paid for either. 

And since the VAT decreases to 4% after 28 nights longer stays can provide more cost savings. Lots of companies also accommodate bookings for long term bookings which are required Monday to Fridays only to fulfil the need of corporate guests which can use even further savings.

Place, Area Place!

Serviced homes are located in terrific places. They can be found in every major city throughout the world. Found in the heart of lots of tourist destinations along with crucial downtown makes it possible for serviced homes to meet the requirements of various consumer groups!

Personal Privacy

Whilst space in your hotel room is undeniably personal, once you get out of the door, the structure is quite a shared area. Even a hotel suite can not provide the exact same level of privacy as a serviced home, and this is down to the level of facility that an apartment or condo can provide. 

With all of the spaces, you would find in a home, from a bathroom to a living room to a kitchen, a serviced apartment offers a level of privacy that you would expect in your own house.


Actually, this is not the case; the great thing with a serviced apartment is that you can utilise as little or as much service as you wish. Regardless of whether or not the apartments are managed by a hotel business (as some are), a luxury serviced apartment will benefit from daily maid service, 24-hour concierge services and restaurant-quality dining options within the apartment.


This level of control demonstrates how serviced houses offer the flexibility to fine-tune your activities to exactly meet your requirements. If you wish to cook up a storm in the cooking area, go right ahead! If you choose a dine-in restaurant experience, no problem! Your stay can be specifically how you desire it to be, with no barriers produced by the traditional patterns of a hotel experience.

Performance Advantage

In a serviced apartment or condo you don’t have to miss out on the benefits of hotel services but gain from cleaning up services, maintenance and repair services.

High domestic convenience

While in shared apartments and hotels often just one, a small room is available, serviced apartments are equipped with a kitchen/ kitchenette and a living area with sofa and workplace. The main benefit of a serviced apartment is … space. You can also book apartments with 2 bedrooms, allowing you to share a space, but still retain your own privacy.

Centrally Found

Serviced apartments in Sydney are located in several main CBD streets. These are ideal locations for those who want to spend their days shopping in all of Sydney’s busy shopping centres and boutique stores. You can easily spend less time worrying about how you’ll get from A to B and instead spend more time having a good holiday.

A Customised Experience

Staying in a serviced house is an experience like no other. You can have a customised service that really can not be achieved in a basic hotel room stay. You can call ahead and request some requests such as calling ahead for protected parking. Or perhaps you want a few of your favourite treats stocked in the kitchen pantry > Serviced apartment or condos are frequently accommodating to such demands.

The Very Best Of Housekeeping

A serviced apartment, however, means that you can stay in the comfort and luxury of a ‘home away from home’, plus have the added benefits of great housekeeping services. Cleaning and a daily linen and towel service are often standard with serviced apartments, so you needn’t lift a finger during your stay.

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