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Can You Buy Pain Meds Online Cod?

buy pain meds online cod

When you need to buy pain meds, you might be wondering if you can buy them online cod. Many online pharmacies are regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that the products you purchase are safe. Some companies don’t even have a safeguarding system in place that can detect multiple orders, making it easy for an addict to order hundreds of tablets a month. If you’re worried about the potential for addiction, you can buy pain meds online cod.

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Online suppliers are a growing trend in the United States. Illegal pharmacies often sell prescription drugs on the Internet, and it can be difficult to identify who is buying the drugs. In some cases, consumers are sub-groups of the general population, such as college students. Even if they’re not, some of these people are often ill and need pain meds. They may also be dealing in stolen prescription drugs, so it’s best to check with the state that you’re in.

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