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Close Protection Bodyguard

Close protection bodyguard have the job of protecting their clients from dangerous and unprotected people. The responsibility of protecting the client does not end with the close protection bodyguard only, it extends to his team and he is responsible for their safety. They have to take the calls of the client and act accordingly. Their main role is to safeguard their clients against unlawful attacks by others whether they are personal friends or strangers. Moreover, they protect their own lives and those of their clients whenever any untoward incident takes place.

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There are several types of close protection bodyguards, all of them are extremely important for the personal security of their clients. The basic duty of a close protection bodyguard will be safeguarding the personal security of the individual. They are trained to detect and understand what to observe and listening for right in the immediate environment. When you know exactly what’s real scenario you can take appropriate decision about the action needed to subdue the threat effectively. In most of the cases, bodyguards will have specific training about how to react when a certain situation occurs and the specific orders to follow for each situation.

A close protection bodyguard will also have to act like a security officer when dealing with executives of big business organizations. He needs to have prior experience working with executives of this level as it requires close monitoring of the person for any suspicious activities. Bodyguards also need to work closely with the executive in order to understand their personality and work accordingly. If the personal security officer is not of good quality then the entire protection process will fail and the entire job may go down the drain. To prevent this situation, it is highly recommended that the personal security officer undergoes professional training about dealing with executives and other high-level people.

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