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High Quality Men’s Tuxedos

Tuxedos are a traditional part of evening formalities for most people. Black tie is a formal semi-formal Western wear code for evening formalities, originating from early British and American courtly dress occasions for formal attire in the late 19th century. The tuxedo has been associated with the higher echelons of British society and the rich and powerful in early Victorian times, but was used in much more severe ways by lower class people as well, including the royal family in some cases. In British English, the tuxedo code is commonly referred to as the dinner jacket or dinner suit, for the main wearing garment of men, usually for formal evening occasions.

Tuxedos can be worn with a variety of different types of clothing. A full tuxedo is generally made up of a jacket with trousers in a V or double pleated at the knee, with the jacket taking up most of the front part of the shirt (a V at the centre), the trousers taking up the remaining front portion of the shirt and a cummerbund which go round the waist. Black trousers are optional but may be more appropriate for colder evenings and in darker colors, with white trousers seen as far too casual. Tuxedos can also be worn with a vest, but only with the top button undone.

Tuxedos can be made from a wide variety of materials, including silk and velvet, but are most frequently made from black satin, a very high quality fabric that can look quite elegant, particularly when trimmed with fine lace. Whilst silk tuxedos look the best, they are often quite expensive and less practical than high-quality wool tuxedos. Many high-quality tuxedos are also quite affordable. However, there is always another option if you cannot afford to spend quite so much; you can always opt for one of the many discount tuxedos available online.

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