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How Often Should Carpet Cleaning Be Done?

Almost every house has carpets. These soft flooring materials tend to collect dirt and dust, and a dirty carpet may even harbor microscopic organisms. Not only are these contaminants unhealthy, but they can also affect the aesthetics of a room and cause a foul odor. However, the frequency of carpet cleaning | Eco Clean Solutions depends on the usage of the carpet. Whether you have children or pets, or if you suffer from allergies, you should consider the cleaning process.

Three Tips to Keep Your Carpets Looking Like New

In addition to maintaining the look of your carpet, you should also consider the comfort and hygienic nature of your floors. Carpeting will look and feel dingy and sluggish if it is not cleaned properly. A well-kept carpet won’t cause allergies or trigger other problems in your home. Moreover, it will provide you with an extra layer of comfort as it does not show signs of wear and tear.

If you have a child who loves to chew gum, you can use baking soda on your carpet. The baking soda will lift up any dirt that is embedded in the carpet’s fibers. You can use a broom or a steam mop to clean this area. Using a steam mop with a carpet attachment is a convenient and easy way to clean a carpet. Just remember to allow the carpet to dry completely before moving on to the next step.

For wall-to-wall carpeting, it’s best to get the carpets professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months to maintain their luster and buoyancy. Professional cleaners use strong cleaning solutions, which help eliminate stains and restore colors. However, you can use a portable carpet cleaner more often and tackle stains immediately. It’s still advisable to get professional carpet cleaning once a year to avoid having to spend a fortune on the process.

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