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The Importance of a Radon Test

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Getting a radon test done in your home is an important precaution against radon. Homeowners can buy a test kit from a hardware store or hire a home inspector. Radon is a gas that is a byproduct of the breakdown of uranium and radium. As a result, it is a colorless, odorless gas with the potential to cause health problems. Find Out – radon test | LifetimRadon

What Is Radon and Why Should You Get Tested?

The only way to know if radon has made its way into your home is to have a radon test. The Environmental Protection Agency and the Centers for Disease Control recommend getting a radon test done. It is inexpensive and easy to perform. The test results are accurate and the results can be used to plan for mitigation measures.

An annual test will reveal the radon level in your home, while a long-term test will give you the average radon level over a 90-day period. The longer the test, the more accurate the results will be. A long-term test is recommended if you plan to live in your home for more than a month.

It is important to know that any home can be at risk for radon levels. Even homes in mountainous areas are susceptible. It is possible for a neighbor’s house to have a much higher radon level than yours. However, this shouldn’t be a reason to not buy a home. Even if your home has a high radon level, it can be reduced to below the EPA guideline of four. This is because the radon level can be reduced by installing a mitigation system.

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