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True Value zipscreen blinds Sydney

True Value zipscreen blinds is the ultimate solution for your window decorating. Nothing pleases us more than presenting unmatched convenience, originality and ultimate performance…” says George Perrin. “We operate in the Sydney area as an Australian-made company with offices in both Melville and Kingsford.” George and his partner Peter have almost forty years manufacturing experience in the manufacture of residential and commercial zip-screens.

“ZIP screened Dims”

“We are a family owned Sydney based company specialising in only custom made outdoor blinds Sydney to fit any home or office building. In all areas of our service, from installation to research and development, we maintain a high standard and constant communication with our customers. We offer all types of residential and commercial blinds at competitive prices. We never compromise quality with price and believe in giving our customers what they want with all of our products. We believe in making each customer our own unique individual and always strive to give our customers the best product available on the market.”

” Zip Screen is a simple and cost effective way to provide ventilation and privacy for your home. The beauty of having these blinds installed by Zip Screen is that you don’t have to worry about them coming untidy every day or night. When you are done using them, simply remove them and store safely for another day or week.” says George.

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