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Types of Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning companies offer a broad range of services to suit the needs of your business. Some companies may specialize in one or two areas, while others may include several within their services. Knowing which commercial cleaners do what can help you decide who will best meet your company’s needs.

Here are some common types of commercial cleaning:

Office Cleaning 

Office buildings typically need daily cleaning by floor and by section to ensure dust doesn’t settle, coffee isn’t spilled on keyboards overnight, and trash is removed from workspaces. For larger office buildings that have sections dedicated to different companies or employees, it might be necessary to schedule specialized cleans for certain floors or sections. 

Industrial Cleaning 

Manufacturing plants regular cleanings throughout the day because they’re exposed to oil and grease and other hazardous materials. There are specialised equipment and safety precautions for working within a manufacturing plant, which is why many companies require that you hire a commercial cleaning company experienced in industrial cleanings. 

Janitorial Cleaning 

This type of office cleaning typically focuses on basic tidying such as vacuuming, emptying garbage cans, wiping down desks, replacing tissues in the restrooms and refreshing the bathrooms with air freshener. Janitorial service providers might also handle specific tasks like waxing floors or stripping and buffing old layers of wax from hardwood floors.

Because janitorial cleaners often work quickly through their rounds, it’s important not to neglect deep cleanings. If your property manager doesn’t schedule time for more thorough cleans, try hiring a domestic cleaner to give the office a deep clean. 

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets absorb odours, spillages and dirt over time. It’s recommended that carpets are professionally cleaned every six months or so to remove stains, dust mites and other contaminants that can be harmful to asthma sufferers. Also, vacuum cleaners don’t always reach deep into carpet fibres where much of the dirt ends up collecting. A professional carpet cleaning company uses industrial-strength equipment to apply steam and rid your carpets of as much dirt as possible in one session.

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Garbage Collection 

As any property manager knows, trash is an inevitable byproduct of running a business – especially an office with 100+ employees. Commercial garbage collection services remove trash from workspaces, hallways and common areas throughout the day. Your business may need to schedule more frequent garbage collection during certain seasons or times of the year.

For example, retail stores often have plenty of trash to collect during the holiday season, while hospitals generate a lot of refuse after treating patients for colds, cases of flu and other illnesses.

House Cleaning

Many office buildings don’t include living space for company owners or employees – but some do! Think about whether your business might benefit from hiring domestic cleaners to maintain separate living quarters. Not only does this cut costs by reducing the need to hire separate security staff 24/7; it also means that landlords can increase the rent because separate home-like accommodations are now available. When companies own property, there’s the added benefit of tax deductions because property taxes are included in your cleaning expenses.

Hoarding Cleanup

Businesses that struggle with hoarding often find it difficult to maintain an organized, healthy workspace without professional assistance. When companies accumulate junk over time, it creates all kinds of problems including safety hazards, pest infestations and major health code violations. Some hoarder-type properties need scheduled cleanings throughout the day just to keep up with the mess! For properties that have fallen into serious disrepair because of excessive clutter, you might need to hire a construction crew as well as domestic cleaners.

Shopping Mall 

Cleaning Shopping malls are usually open to the public on weekend evenings, which means that they must be cleaned thoroughly on Fridays after closing time. Shopping mall cleanings require special equipment, especially when it comes to removing dirt, grime and stains from escalators.   Heavy foot traffic in shopping centres means that there is plenty of potential for shopper contamination. Shoppers track in dirt from the parking lot as well as dust, grit and grime from exterior windows as they enter stores.

In addition, mall tenants sometimes forget to clean up after their pets, which means that shopping malls have to pay for extra cleaning services regularly.

Reduce Costs

No matter what type of commercial cleaning service you choose for your business, keeping costs down is always important. For example, you can ask your janitorial cleaning service to use less expensive chemical-based products instead of the more expensive all-natural, organic cleaners. If possible, compare pricing quotes from multiple companies before making a hiring decision too.

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