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Understanding the Tantra School

Tantra School is an extremely rare religious establishment devoted solely to the true tantric teachings. It was founded in 1969 by Dr. Maarten van der Goes. Students can benefit by having their questions answered in person or via telephone. They can also use the Net to research ancient Tantric philosophies and practices as well as the works of the legendary tantra teacher Dr. Valentine Lust. Many students also enjoy the online courses of Dr. van der Goes. In fact, many people who first learned about the ancient science of Tantra through Dr. Valentine Lust’s work have become dedicated followers of Tantra. Click here –

How To Handle Every Tantra School Challenge With Ease Using These Tips

The most popular aspect of a tantra school is the three-fold initiation: first, the student undergoes a spiritual self-discovery; second, he or she goes on a private study of tantra rituals; and third, he or she is tested for his proficiency at these rituals. Those who are not sure if they want to commit to the three schools are often given a choice between these three basic paths. If you wish to start your studies in tantra, you can start with the Ancient Tantra School. This path lays the foundation for all others and opens up a plethora of related information and rituals.

However, if you are interested in learning tantra in order to initiate your own kundalini awakening, you can choose to go for the intermediate paths such as the Kriyasana and Hatha Yoga. Each of these has its own distinctive aspects and unique rituals, but they all begin with the same initiate’s vow to learn and practice all aspects of tantra rituals, ethics, and spirituality. Once you are ready to learn these secrets, you may choose to enroll in one of the three main tantra schools. From there, you can choose which tantra practices you wish to master.

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