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What is Breathwork Therapy?

What is breathwork therapy

Breathwork therapy is a practice that involves connecting the inhales and exhales of the patient to create a state of relaxation and awareness. This process is a powerful method of healing that is noncontact and can offer a host of benefits. It helps individuals release anxiety and stress, improve sleep, and boost their mood. During a session, participants usually lay on their backs, connect their inhales and exhales, and cut out the normal pause between breaths. This method is done in a spiral fashion, which allows the patient to experience different states of consciousness and emotions.

In addition to the therapeutic benefits of breathwork, the practice can enhance the client’s own development. During each session, the practitioner uses a number of techniques to assist the client in exploring their inner world and developing their skills. These techniques also include a variety of support mechanisms that can help the client prepare for internal shifts and facilitate a more fulfilling and positive experience.

Breathwork therapy can be a part of a holistic treatment or used as a standalone tool. There are various schools of breathwork, all of which use variations of conscious connected breathing. One school, the Rebirthing Breathwork, was founded by Leonard Orr in the 1960s.

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